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Case Report

(F/N) (L/N)
Age: 15
Appearance: (H/L) (H/C) hair, (S/T) skin, (E/C) eyes
Status: Missing

Runaway from the orphanage that she is currently living in. Wearing black skinny jeans, (F/C) t-shirt with black combat boots, a leather jacket. Left in the early hours yesterday morning and hasn't been back since.

Levi sighed and leant back in his chair reports like this about a certain girl named (F/N) were all to common to him this report would mark the fifth time this month that she had ran away from the orphanage. Each time he would get assigned to her case she was hard to find but he'd always manage to find her most of the time she would be sat on the bridge near the riverside, Levi grabbed his car keys and left his office.

Levi scoured the bridge looking for any signs of the (H/C) haired girl she was nowhere to be seen the girl had decided to move on from her regular spot, he grumbled before pulling his phone out of his pocket.

Levi to: Come on brat, don't you think you've been out long enough? 3:25pm 
Levi: Don't ignore me. 3:40pm
Levi: Okay, you want to play this the hard way. 4:00pm

He had given the girl his number for emergencies just in case she got herself into trouble it was alway a means of communication for when she went missing the time now being 4:00pm meant that she had been missing approximately 36 hours and no one had heard or had visual of the girl which was a cause of concern.

Levi knew some of the states that she could get herself in it was only last month that he had found her singing very loudly on this very bridge with a bottle of vodka in hand he had stopped her from falling over the side and cracking her head open on the rocks that were below because of the state she was in he had no other choice but to take her to his home until the morning for her to sober up.

He had grown to know her on a personal level after all the times she would run away before he would take her back, Levi would ask why she ran away and if there was anything he could do to help most of the issues that she had came from childhood, problems that she would keep locked away until he began to ask questions it was a slow process but once she knew that she had his trust she wouldn't hold back.

Surely enough he had become a figure in her life a 'positive role model' as his boss liked to put it he would pick her up after school every Thursday and they would go out for something to eat - most of the time it being fast food which Levi detested. From this he found out that she had some serious anger management issues after she beat the shit out of three men twice her size. After that he recommended that she join some form of contact sport for an outlet, after she joined the kickboxing class at the gym he found out that she had a mean kick.

Levi walked into the gym that she would go to for her kickboxing lessons, it was now 6:00pm and he had not had any word from her. ''Marcus'' A heavy built man turn wiping the sweat from his brow he looked at Levi before sighing and shaking his head ''Guessing she took off again?'' Levi nodded ''She has been gone for around 38 hours, no contact or visual''

''Last time I saw her was a few days ago, she was really pissed at something she beat the absolute shit out of one of my top men and gave me this black eye after I tried to restrain her she cussed me out and stormed straight out'' Levi's eyebrows knitted together in confusion questions circling around in his mind he thanked Marcus before turning around to leave ''Hey Levi'' he looked back over his shoulder ''You know, she talks about you alot she has a lot of respect for you. Please look after her she needs someone to watch over her''

Levi circled the neighborhood going to every place that she could be but each time he came up with nothing it was now 10:00pm the temperature was dropping and there still no sign of the girl it was pitch black outside and Levi began to worry. He had no choice it was to dark finding her in the day was as difficult as finding a needling in a haystack so in the dark would be impossible.

As soon as he arrived home he placed his phone on charge and picked a book out from his collection he wasn't sleeping at all tonight before he sat down he sent one last message;

Levi: It's late and it's cold out. If you need me do not hesitate to ring or text me and I will come straight for you if not please just text so that I know you are alright. 10:37pm

He sat back but kept his phone with him at all times he tried to read but his mind was to restless he stood and walked to the kitchen to make a cup of black tea to help relax his mind he was halfway through the process when he heard his phone go off he dived for it like a teenaged girl would who was texting her crush.

(Y/N): I'm fine, pipsqueak. Go to bed. 10:54pm

For the first time in his life he was happy to be insulted over his height - although he was taller than her but she still insulted him. The text from her allowed his mind to relax slightly he knew that she was alive but he didn't know where she was which worried him to no end but she hadn't told him where she was so she wasn't ready to come back just yet.


A bright light invaded his eyes he groaned before turning over to reach for his phone it was now 9:56am and he didn't have a clue when he fell asleep all that he knew was that it wasn't long ago and his back ached like hell he had received no more texts from the girl and Levi decided that enough was enough.

Levi: Come on, just tell me where you are I'm not mad I won't shout or scream I just want you back safe and sound, brat. 10:01am

He was now desperate it was way over 46 hours that she had been gone. In the past she had been gone longer but she had been spotted throughout the period of time she was gone so they had direct proof that she was indeed alive and well but this time it was different she had been gone and there was no visual on her and one measly text couldn't prove anything.

Levi hadn't showered, eaten or even slept well since he got this case he didn't have the time too he brain was too wrecked if he was like this then he couldn't imagine the state that she would be in he was pacing his living room his phone held with a vice like grip.

A sound filled the room he unlocked his phone at the speed of light;

(Y/N): A place where you can talk to a chunk of rock and not look insane. 10:17am

Great, she was still playing it the hard way. Levi was not Sherlock Holmes discovering decrypted messages wasn't his forte and he was too exhausted. His pacing became quicker his inner voice in his mind become more audible as he went on ''Fucking brat, it's games and shit like this that is going to take me to an early grave...'' he stopped eyes widening in realization ''Son of a bitch'' 

He grabbed his coat, keys, wallet and a blanket before racing to his car.


There she was sat in front of a gravestone her hair was like a rats nest, her clothes were filthy he sighed before walking over. He draped the blanket over her shoulders before sitting down next to her. She hugged the blanket around her more her knuckles were sore and bloodied a clear sign of brawling.

''Why did you leave this time?'' she said nothing but motioned her head towards the grave it was where her parent were put to rest his eyebrows knitted in confusion he pulled his phone out and then it all made sense - It was the anniversary of their death. He nodded placing a hand on her shoulder she shook her head burying a hand deep in her hair ''It's not fair Levi, it's not fair'' he squeezed her shoulder ''I know, but it isn't your fault either''


''It's not your fault''


''It's not your fault''

''Stop it!''

''Its not your fault''

She broke down in tears burying her face deep into his shoulder hands gripping at his shirt he rubbed her back in a aid to soothe her in all the years Levi had know her he had never seen her cry, she cried violently heavy sobs wracked through her small frame ''I-I want to catch the motherfucker that did this''

''I can't make no promises but what ever action you wish to take, I'll be there to help every step of the way'' she chuckled ''You know you're the only person crazy enough to put up with my shit. Any sane person would of left by now they usually do'' Levi stood up wiping the dirt away with his hands he held out his hand for her to take ''Come on brat, you must be starving if we hurry we can make it for breakfast, double egg mcmuffin with a large coffee?'' she chuckled placing her hand in his ''You know me so well''

A trip through a drive through and a double egg mcmuffin later he was on his way back to the station to file that she had been found. ''You look like shit by the way'' Levi scoffed ''Well, when you have a run away brat that disappeared of the face of the earth for over 46 hours I think you'd look like shit but I think you should take a glance in the mirror, you don't look that well yourself''


''For what?''

''Well, running away, disappearing for over 46 hours and for being a shitty brat'' He shook his head ''Don't worry about it brat''


After filing the necessary paperwork and having her checked over by the nurse on she was deemed fit and healthy he was ready to drive her back to the orphanage she was quiet on the way there it was obvious why. ''Don't take me back there, Levi. Anywhere but there'' he had no choice he had to follow protocol ''I'm sorry (Y/N) you know that I have no other choice''

He guided her in and they were both lead into an office she was made to wait outside. He was inside a good hour before he walked back outside she was sat on the floor back against the wall knees tucked to her chest her head buried in her arms. A woman place a bag by her side she looked at the bag and then looked to him confusion written in her eyes.

He started to walk away as he got half way down the corridor he turned back ''So, you coming or not brat?'' she stumbled to her feet tripping over the bag in the process before making her way towards him, he began walking again ''Wait! Levi! What did you do?! Wait, Levi STAHP!''

It was safe to say that she never ran away again.
Ah shit in one of those moods.
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This is awesome
You made meh smile.
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A place where you can talk to a rock and not look insane
i figured it out before continuing the story. I'm a fucking bird!!!!
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